• 21.5 handwriting screen

    21.5 handwriting screen

    Full view HD picture quality display, high contrast, strong sense of hierarchy, not only improve the response speed of the display, while the precise control of the display gray, so that the color is more realistic
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  • 19 inch high definition display

    19 inch high definition display

    professional color management solutions, allowing you to experience the full color transition, so that the picture is more vivid
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  • 1560 handwriting screen

    1560 handwriting screen

    1920*1080 HD resolution, 262144 color gamut of thousands of true to life display, 2048 level pressure stroke smooth, essential painting freely.
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  • 15.6 handwriting screen - shortcut keys

    15.6 handwriting screen - shortcut keys

    15.6 inch screen 8 commonly used key operation more convenient, painting feel good, no light leakage, 2048 level pressure strokes flowing freely by painting
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  • 22 shortcut key

    22 shortcut key

    22 inch shortcuts have the industry's most senior sense of pressure, stroke, random control. Capture every tiny details of your action, its accuracy is comparable to traditional art tools
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